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Name:Ealasaid Loudain, Kindred Prince of Scotland
Birthdate:Apr 16
Location:Edinburgh, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Website:~ noirenewyork

Ealasaid Sorcha Loudain was born in Linlithgow, Scotland in 1277, just before rise of the Scottish Rebellion in the Wars of Scottish Independence lead by William Wallace. In fact, just before the height of the Wars in 1297 where William defeated the English army in the Battle of Stirling Bridge, Ealasaid was one of William's first loves, but it was only short-lived due to his patriotic passion to fight for their country. In the lead up to the Battle of Stirling Bridge, Ealasaid kissed William goodbye, and somehow knew deep down that it would be the last time she ever saw him in person. William battled with his heart, soul, and life for Scotland, and even though she knew she had to farewell her first true love, for many centuries to come, she would cherish his pride deep inside for the country that would come to forever flow through the blood within her.

It was at a celebration in her village in the wake of the Stirling Bridge battle that Ealasaid was seized by two highly intoxicated Englishmen who dragged her back to their hut and raped her in revenge for their defeat. With their sheer size and stature, she was nearly ripped to shreds and left for dead. It was a kind-hearted Scottish farmer who found her, but little did she know at the time that he was a vampire of the Kindred bloodline - a member of the Toreador Clan - who had been strategically placed during the War to protect their Kind during conflict. He offered to save Ealasaid's life, and she weakly agreed, having lost a lot of blood from the attack. She just could never have known truly what he meant. He Embraced her, and she re-awakened a beautiful Toreador. Together, they roamed Scotland, seeking out members of their Clan in an attempt to ensure their safety during the War. Her Sire taught her the ways of their Kind and their Clan, and upon hearing of William's defeat, when he was captured by the English army and hung, drawn and quartered for high treason, she found a renewed sense of passion not just for her country, but a determination to protect her Kind.

For the next couple of centuries, Ealasaid rose to a respected representative of the Toreador Clan in their quest to prevent The Masquerade being exposed in the wars and their Kind slaughtered. They still lost many, but nevertheless, were one of the largest and strongest Clans in the United Kingdom and Europe. She took on many identities over the time in an effort to stay concealed, and when Mary Queen of Scots was just an early teenager, she became one of her ladies in waiting and gained an inside view of Scotland's royalty. It was with this inside knowledge and the fact she had come to be a close companion of Kindred Prince of Scotland at the time that Ealasaid was appointed the new reigning Kindred Prince when her predecessor was assassinate by an Assamite attempting to gain control of Scotland and knock Toreador off the throne. This occurred right in the wake of Mary Queen of Scots attempting to claim the English throne in the wake of the death of Henry VIII. Ealasaid assumed the Kindred Throne of Scotland, and has been ruling ever since.

It was in the very early days of her reign that she was one day approached by a relative young Toreador Kindred, Xavier Carlisle, who requested her audience to seek skill and knowledge of thriving within their Clan. He, too, had a history of serving royalty as an Earl in the court of Henry VIII. The pair clicked from their very first meeting, Ealasaid taking Xavier under her wing as not just a companion but also a lover. Whilst both knew that it wasn't true love and more just companionship with born of a shared love for their Clan, it was a friendship that would survive for centuries right into the modern age, and still today, they are like brother and sister, with Elasaid brimming with pride and happiness for her beloved companion when he found his soul mate, American Ventrue, Gregory Kent, whom he has now mated with.

One of her dedicated plights on her Kindred throne was to forge alliances with other Cities and form bonds with their rulers. There were less rebellion today than there had been in the previous centuries, but there would always be Kindred thirsty for power and dominance, as it was their nature to be pack rulers. Ealasaid's reputation as a ruler was highly respected, but she wasn't one to get on the wrong side of, having cut the heads off some in her very own Clan with her sword gifted to her by William Wallace when they betrayed her or The Masquerade. One of her most treasured friends is the Kindred Prince of Paris and France, Blaise Richelieu, with their Cities having one of the strongest Kindred alliances in the world. They are friends as well as colleagues, and it was how Blaise had come to her twice in the past to seek her favour of Embracing two people who had come to mean a lot to him... Emmeline Laurent and Logan Buchanan..

Emmeline was Blaise's family, and Logan, a sharp-minded, quick-witted talented Scotsman who was dying of a brain tumour. Blaise took over Emmeline's hands-on job of teaching and educating her in how to become a fine Kindred in her own right. Logan, on the other hand, proved to be a pain in Ealasaide's backside when he re-awoke with no knowledge of having requested his Embrace due to memory loss from the brain tumour. He had put his request in writing and signed it with a witness, but no legal document could dictate how a Kindred adjusted to their new form. With a pristine genius mind and the powerful blood of a Kindred Prince as his Sire, he wa sa force to be reckoned with in the early days, but they discovered he thrived more without control and restriction. He now resides in New York City, more powerful than any could have anticipated, and is the lover of the Kindred Prince of New York, Benjamin Knight's brother, Eric Knight.. But in Logan, Ealasaid also gained a loyal and trustworthy protector in his brother, Rory. Rory remains human and mortal, never desiring Embrace like his brother had, but he knows all about Kindred and The Masquerade and where he used to hunt the supernatural of the world after his wife and infant child disappeared, he is now one of Ealasaid's most trusted protectors and confidantes and accompanies her whenever she leaves Scotland. He also became a willing Vessel for her, a source of regular fresh blood and enjoys being fed from.

Ealaisad's cover is encompassed in a prestigious art gallery and art college academy on a large historical estate just outside of Edinburgh, Dounain Academy of the Arts. She resides in a castle that his the Kindred HQ of Scotland, and has a trusted Council of Primogen who have served her for centuries now. She protects her City and the Masquerade with her life, and hasn't had anyone attempt to challenge her ruling in over 300 years. She cherishes her Childers, maintains a keen interest in their lives, but knows they are strong enough on their own now to not need her guidance and watch.

Within a vampire bloodline known as The Kindred, seven vampire clans are collectively joined, forming the largest sect of vampires called the Camarilla, and survive through the Masquerade, disguising themselves as humans. Camarilla policy is that vampires should try to fit in with and hide from the rest of humanity, as to easily feed on them. For this reason, they created a web of lies and misinformation, called the Masquerade, to make the public believe that supernatural beings like vampires could not possibly exist. The Camarilla also believes that the only way the vampire species can survive in these modern nights is if it unite. Any breach of the Masquerade by any vampire risks exposing the entire race. Both viewpoints are fundamentally opposed by the Sabbat, an opposing sect to the Camarilla. The Camarilla also enforces the Eldest as ruling class over the younger vampires. The seven clans of the Camarilla are Ventrue, Brujah, Malkavian, Toreador, Gangrel, Tremere and Nosferatu. When a human is turned by a Kindred vampire, it is known as the Embrace, the vampire siring the human to embrace them into their own bloodline.

Each city has a ruler, a "Prince" who enforces the laws of The Masquerade that govern them to protect their anonymity. A clan is a group of vampires "related" by blood; i.e. the vampiric equivalent of an extended family or lineage. A clan is usually a large group, acknowledged widely in the vampiric society. Each clan nurture their own characteristics and traits, and each clan has its strengths and weaknesses. Often the clans do not always get along with certain clans such as the Brujah and the Ventrue actually hating one another. Each clan within a given area has a representative, a Primogen, who is usually the eldest and most powerful member of the clan, who attends the leader or prince's advisory council. This status also grants the character social advantages and greater power than being a normal member of their clan.

All information is taken from fandom source @ Masquerade Wiki and Kindred Wiki

The Toreador are some of the most beautiful and glamorous of the Kindred. Famous (and infamous) as a clan of artists and innovators they are one of the bastions of the Camarilla, as their very survival depends on the facades of civility and grace on which the sect prides itself. In the middle age, the Toreador were a member of the High Clans, and their numbers were made up of the same types that are common in the modern nights - minstrels, painters, poets and actors. The Toreador revelled in the Victorian age. The Industrial Revolution led to a phenomenon that only the rich had been previously afforded - leisure time. A heyday of theatre, music and art began in cultural nexuses like New York, London and Paris and spread throughout the globe. While the influence of the Church in people's lives (and consequently, the influence Toreador held over the church) waned, those Kindred that latched themselves onto businessmen prospered. Possibly the one thing most Toreador love with the exception of beauty is money, and it was now accessible from places other than the landed gentry of the time. While the Clan has had peaks and troughs, this was a time that cemented them as a true power in the Camarilla.

It is said that while the Ventrue are the mind of the Camarilla, the Toreador are its soul. The Toreador portray themselves as the vampires closest to the living breathing pulse of the humans around them (though this honour might be shared with the Brujah). They claim that this is what keeps them so vital and modern. Indeed, Clan members are often the first ones to be aware of what mortals are wearing, eating, buying and sleeping with. The weakness of the Toreador Clan is that the members of this clan are as much prisoners of their artistic vision and sensitivity as they are its beneficiaries. They are often overcome by the beauty they see around them, and become immobilized with fascination. Such things as paintings, neon signs, or even sunrises can captivate them. It requires a successful Willpower roll to break the fascination quickly; otherwise, the Toreador will stand, awed and helpless, for minutes or even hours. This trait explains why Toreador so often fall in love with mortals.

All information is taken from fandom source @ Toredor Wiki

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"O Flouer o Scotland,
Whan will we see
Yer like again,
That focht an dee'd for
Yer wee bit Hill an Glen"

- Flower of Scotland -

Ealasaid is an original character, created for the PSL, [community profile] noirenewyork. For RP and muse writing only. No infringement intended. Ealasaid's PB is Rebecca Ferguson, who belongs to herself.

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